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On the Rock Conflict Conciliations Matt 7:24-27

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On the Rock Conflict Conciliations
Matt 7:24-27 - For the storms in life

As an attorney with over 42-years of litigation experience, I have come to know that the secular legal system is a place of false hopes and disappointments for all Christians and non-Christians who enter there and place their trust in the laws and perspectives of men to achieve peace and resolution for their problems rather than in the wisdom, grace and gospel of God.

I will provide much about that in this website as new materials are added.

What I would like to stress here at the outset, however, is that a truly comprehensive resolution of any conflict accompanied by the achievement of complete peace and an abundant life (expressed by the Hebrew word "Shalom" as well as proclaimed in John 10:10b and 14:27) are possible only when the processes employed are predicated on the foundation of relationalship conciliation with God, with others and within yourself through Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I have seen first hand as a trial attorney for clients, as mediator/arbitrator in hundreds of cases and in my personal life, the results and tranformations that occur when the bibilcal principles of peacemaking and especially Matthew 7:24-27 are applied to whatever we encounter!

It is my prayer that the materials of this website and the biblical alternative dispute resolution services of OTRCC will be instruments for the awakening to and application of the wisdom expressed in those verses for all who choose to abide by them for ALL the storms in life.


Bob Alderman

OTRCC Snapshot

Overview: OTRCC is a Christ-anchored application of alternative dispute resolution processes (coaching, mediations and arbitrations) to achieve legally just, relationally positive and time-surviving solutions for conflicts and battles of every nature in lieu of costly lawsuits and other destructive options. (1)

Background: Our founder and in-house Christian Conciliator, Robert E. Alderman, Jr., has 42+ years experience as a litigation attorney; a mediator and arbitrator for the Los Angeles County Court System, the California Bar Association and private sector - with professional conciliation training through Loyola School of Law, Pepperdine School of Law; Peacemaker Ministries, the Institute for Christian Conciliations and other organizations.

Service areas: California and Arizona are OTRCC’s primary service areas, but co-conciliating with other conciliators and/or referrals to Christian conciliation organizations can be provided almost anywhere in the Untied States.

Differences and distinctions:  Both secular and Christian alternative dispute resolution practices are roughly 75% faster and less costly than litigation.  Both approaches also place more flexibility and control in the hands of the parties than the court system.  However, a key distinction exists between the two in that Christian conciliation builds on the foundation of glorifying God and Shalom (abundant life) for the participants rather than the adversarial and temporal satisfaction pillars that support most secular processes.

For Christians and non-Christians:  Because of the above distinction, Christians may be able to identify more quickly with the wisdom found in the application of biblical-principles to dispute resolutions than non-Christians.  However, OTRCC’s services are available to people and organizations of all beliefs and unbeliefs who wish to experience the personal growth and benefits of this approach - so long as they adhere to the guidelines we use.

Descending fee scale:  We are committed to the obtainment of a resolution in all conflicts consistent with the parameters summarized above - and use an incremental, descending fee scale in difficult or extended conciliations as additional assistance to the participants.

Not an attorney/client relationship:  All OTRCC services are provided as a neutral coach,  mediator or arbitrator with acceptance by all participants that those services do not function as or create an attorney/client relationship with any of them.

Contact us at: Website: www.TheGreatestLaw.com/otrcc, Phone: 661.904.7751, Regular mail: 32630 Agua Dulce Cyn. Rd., Agua Dulce CA. 91390, Email: TheGreatestLaw@gmail.com or Fax: 877.658.7751

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(1) Illustrative conflicts include: estate inheritance and administration fights; business or real estate contract disputes; easements and boundary line arguments; employer/employee strife; marital discord, pending church splits; and missionary team conflicts.