Robert E. Alderman, Jr.
32630 Agua Dulce Cyn. Rd.
Agua Dulce, CA.  91390
Family Life
Robert E. Alderman, Jr. - Personal Background ©
Bob was born in 1947 in HastingsNebraska, but presently lives and practices law in Agua DulceCalifornia with the expectation of eventually relocating to Tucson, Arizona. He graduated from Loyola University School of Law in Los Angeles in 1973 with a Juris Doctorate Degree. Prior to that, he completed his undergraduate studies at Loyola’s Westchester campus with a major in political science and the equivalent of a minor in English. He was also a member of the Jesuit Universities Alpha Sigma Nu Society for academic excellence.

Until 1986, he resided with his family and practiced law in TorranceCalifornia. His Torrance firm (consisting of two associate attorneys and three paralegal/secretary staff members) was highly regarded for both its level of legal proficiency and caring service for clients. Bob was also very active in civic affairs through the Torrance city council, the Chamber of Commerce, his neighborhood homeowners’ association and Rotary International as well as Toastmasters. He also co-chaired a Christian couple’s group and couple’s retreat with his wife, Wanda, through their church.

However, in November of 1986, he chose to dissolve his Torrance firm and returned to solo practice by moving his young family to the open spaces and high desert living of Agua DulceCalifornia where he could spend more time with his kids in soccer, baseball and other activities. The focus of his life are discipling making, his wife, three children and four grandchildren.  His two married daughters (one is a third grade school teacher of the year and the other a biblical counselor now serving in the Philippines with her husband as missionies) and his son lives and works in the financial industry in Ohio). He has four grandchildren. His other interests are tennis, occasionally golf, and “puttering” around his five acre “country spread”.

Bob’s professional focus and legal strength for 42+ years was in real estate, business law and Bible-based estate planning - involving transactional services and intricate litigation in all three fields.  Although he built his Agua Dulce office into a multi-suite multi-member practice, in the early 2000s, he chose to semi-retire and work as a solo-attorney using a guesthouse on his home property as his office.  He continues to have clients throughout California and several states.  He now also has a satelite office in Tucson, Arizona which is primarily devoted to the Christian Alternative Dispute Resolution services he provides.

As part of his past focus on services in the estate planning field of law, he was a charter member of the nationally reknown Wealthcounsel Network of Estate Planning Attorneys - by which attorneys across the nation collaborate to provide the highest quality of probate avoidance, estate tax savings, asset protection and personalized estate planning for their clients  - including  team work with other professionals such as life insurance agents, accountants and financial planners as needed. 

The pleasure of working with families of every type and number to assist and guide them through both financial and loving estate planning (in a manner that is provided by almost no one outside of the members of the Wealthcounsel Network of Estate Planning Attorneys) - especially with his own, personally added bibilcal focus - was a joyful pursuit through which Bob strived to educate individuals and organizations pertaining to Christian stewardship in the areas of real wealth and whole person, Bible-based estate planning.

Having established On the Rock Conflict Conciliations in 2015, his 42-plus years experience as an attorney, his knowledge of Scriptures and his persoanl growth in Christ, is now focused on helping people and organizations pursue and obtain a biblical solution to litigation and other disputes and conflicts whereby the participants can glorify God and obtain a Shalom, joy filled life that is only possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.