Robert E. Alderman, Jr.
32630 Agua Dulce Cyn. Rd.
Agua Dulce, CA.  91390
Professional Background
Robert E. Alderman, Jr. - Professional Profile ©

 Practice Overview

·        Private California Law Practice since 1973 - retired from active law practice in 2015 to provide Bible-based ADR services.

·        Was specializing in Estate Planning from a biblical perspective, Real Estate and Business law matters.

·        He has eight years of university studies with a Jurist Doctorate degree from Loyola School of Law and an undergraduate degree in Political Science with the equivalent of a minor in English. 

Memberships and Associations

  ·      Founder and Senior Mediator with On the Rock Conflict Conciliations

  ·      Trained in coaching and mediaitons by Peacemaker Ministries and now in the Institute of Christian Conciliations' national Christian Conciliator Certification Program

  ·      Past founder and President of the Christian Estate Planning Foundation – a previous nonprofit corporation that taught and discipled on Bible-based estate planning.

·        Past charter member of the Wealthcounsel Association of National Attorneys for Advanced Estate Planning Services, 

·        Active member in the California State Bar Association, since 1973,

·        Licensed to practice in Federal Court,

·        Member of the National Christian Legal Society, 

·        Past member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association,

·        Admitted to the Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit University Academic Honor Society.

·        Past member Southern California Mediation Association,

·        Past panel member in the Los Angeles County Superior Court mediation programs.

Judicial Service

·        Past Judge Pro Tern for the Los Angeles County Court System, 

·        Panel chairman with the Bar Association for resolution of attorney/client fee disputes 

·        Past founder of “Private Mediations” to provide secular and Christian mediation and arbitration services to attorneys, the public and churches - which services are now being provided through On the Rock Conflict Conciliations in affiliaition with Peacemaker Ministries and the Instituted of Christian Conciliations described in the preceeding section. 
Speaking and Writing

·        He is a frequent writer and guest speaker at business associations and churches on the subject of Bible-based estate planning with loving trusts,

·        Previously certified to teach estate planning for continuing education credits by the California Department of Insurance. 

·        He previously co-hosted a weekly estate planning educational radio program on KAVC 105.5 FM known as “The Bob and Jerry Show”.

·        Has written over 300 articles on estate planning, from both the biblical and secular perspective,

·        Is the author of It’s Okay to Talk About It!”

·     Previously wrote and distributed a free monthly estate planning newsletter & weekly P.E.A.R.™   Periodic Encouragement And Reminders© - but does so now only on an infrequent basis.